A collection of fine details for a contemporary home decor and your daily dose of perfection.

Our story

Sorinele brand is fueled by the passion of sisters Marinela and Sonja - it's the two of us!  And Sorinele is a natural expression of our love for beautiful, comfortable and rich in details living spaces, because perfection is in the details and they give soul to any space, enrich and enliven it.

We’ve always had an eye for detail, beautiful objects and the process of their creation awakens our imagination - perhaps it is something inherited from our father, also a craftsman - so it was really only a matter of time before our fascination would come to life in the form of a small collection of beautiful details for interiors and home.

And here it is on this site! Sorinele decor celebrates acrylic - a versatile, beautiful, multicolored or translucent material that once again takes its well-deserved place in modern interior design trends. And we celebrate it with elegant, thought-out details and precise craftsmanship and many hours of detailing on each of the products.  With love, attention and dedication we create imaginative details inspired by everyday lives. We create to encourage people to love the little things, the details that breathe life into their space and make it perfect.

Perfection. This is a challenging goal, but if you are bringing these items into your home, the center of your life, then you should not agree to anything less. Isn’t it so? Our house is also your house, enjoy browsing and shopping!

Marinela and Sonja


Acrylic glass is an extremely grateful and decorative material whose resilience, optical clarity and weightless elegance have fascinated designers since its discovery in 1933. That was when Plexiglass was introduced to the world market, and today we recognize it as the name for the whole category of acrylic glass.

Acrylic experienced a peak in popularity in the 60’s and the 70’s. During this period, the bold shapes and colors of Plexiglas furniture helped define the look of an era. They used to call it the material of the future, and indeed, in recent years, it has returned to fashion and is seen more and more in beautiful homes, side by side with cult pieces of 21st century industrial design.

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