How to decorate an apartment with the help of charming details

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Tips for decorating the apartment

Each year around this time, apartment owners begin preparations for the summer tourist season. This season, unfortunately, will be different from all the others, but the basic rules for optimal decoration of the apartment are valid this year as well!

Decorating an apartment for rent is different from decorating an apartment for everyday living - your guest will stay in the apartment for a short time and functionality will probably be more important to him than aesthetics. However, this does not mean that you should not give the apartments a little character and personality, quite the opposite - it is the details that round off the impression of a pleasant stay and remain in the memory as valuable memories.

With these five tips for decorating your apartment, you won't go wrong:

1. The first impression is important

If you want your apartment to stand out from the filed of similar ones it is very important how it will be presented in the photos. Therefore, in the photos, highlight the details by which the guest will remember your space - a framed photo, a beautiful vase or a bowl with fresh fruit.

2. Details are the key

The guest will remember their stay for a number of details, from how you welcomed him to the first impression upon entering the apartment. Surprise them with a nice gesture like cold fresh juice or a cute key pendant that will instantly put a smile on their face.

3. Less is more

First and foremost, the apartment must be functional. Lighter colors, smaller pieces of furniture and smart solutions for storing various small items leave the impression of spaciousness. A key holder at the entrance will also come in handy.

4. Create a sense of home

Although guests will spend most of the day on the beach, returning to the apartment should still be like returning to the comfort of home. Next to a good sofa, mandatory wi-fi, a great bath or shower, details like mirrors, clocks, elegantly framed photos on the walls or decorative candle holders will help set that mood.

5. Memories to remember

Guests appreciate when they can take something with them on departure, a small thing that will remind them of pleasant moments and evoke fond memories. Give them a nice, small souvenir - a bottle of juice from your own production or a bottle of olive oil, a pen holder or a framed photo of the sunset and the beach in front of your apartment. Something that will cheer them up during a gloomy winter day or a long day at the office.

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