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Who are the Sorinele?

S: We are Sonja and Marinela and we are sisters. The Sorinele brand is an expression of our love for beautiful, comfortable and detail-rich living spaces.

M: In our business, we are also creative directors and craftswomen - from the search for an inspiration to the daily work in the studio, we pay full attention, dedication and a lot, a lot of love to every detail.

What does the name Sorinele mean?

M: The name is a coin from the Italian word sorelle (sister) + Sonja + Marinela, but also the Italian words sorriso and sole (smile and sun). It was important for us to evoke the positive and cheerful feeling, that an interior rich in beautiful details gives, with our name.

How did you get started?

S: Our dad made keys and engravings. He opened his shop in 1991. We grew up with it all our lives and later we took over, expanded and improved the business.

M: Our father always tried to be one step ahead of others in his work and was constantly upgrading, and that is what we want. His greatest quality is kindness and we have inherited diligence and dedication from him.

What makes you happiest at work?

S: I love my job and I enjoy it, it fulfills me. Honestly, I don’t know what else I would do if I didn’t do this. Everything we designed and made, we learned ourselves. No one has shown us this before.

M: Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because I have a good idea and I can't wait for the morning to get up and come to work to develop it further.

Where do you find inspiration?

M: Inspiration is all around us - in the lives we lead, in the interiors we visit, on trips, in conversations with our clients.

S: We complement each other very well and often come up with an idea for a new product together.

Why Plexiglas?

M: We are fascinated by acrylic glass, it really has wonderful characteristics. It's hard to find a flow in it. It is characterized by high gloss and optical clarity, it can be transparent, colorless, colored, clear or blurry, which gives us a number of possibilities for creative and colorful objects.

S: It was very popular in the 1970s, when they called it the material of the future. And today, it is increasingly being used by top furniture designers and many contemporary artists. It is elegant and versatile, and therefore has the ability to easily find its place in any interior.

What are your plans for the future?

S: We will continue our work, we will develop our concept further, we will grow. Sorinele is our life and our passion.

M: Every skill is polished by experience, including ours - in a few years, we will be even better at what we do. I can not wait!

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